Comfort and Safety Mats

Comfort or Anti Fatigue mats are essential in every workplace where continuous standing or slip injury presents occupational health and safety issues. It is an employers duty to provide these mats. Don't for 1 second think of this matting as an expense. Worker comfort has been proven to increase productivity. If you are unsure of which mat to select, give our sales team a call on 1300 659 518. We are ready to answer any of your questions regarding industrial matting , comfort mats and anti fatigue mats. You can now rest easy knowing your workers are comfortable and you have addressed your oh&s obligations by buying one of our top quality mats.   

3M Safety Walk 1200 Safety Cushion Mat 910 x 1520mm

3M Safety Walk 1200 Safety Cushion Mat provides comfort and reduces fatigue from standing over longer periods on hard floors. These fatigue reducing mats are easy to clean, pick up and hose off.

3M Safety-Walk 3500 Dome Cushion Mat Black 900mm x 1200mm

3M Safety-Walk 3500 Dome Cushion Mat is an anti-fatigue mat with a bubble surface that offers both safety and comfort from standing over longer periods on hard floors.

Cushion Ease Safety Mat

Cushion Ease Safety Mat is a lightweight, easy to handle , high performance safety mat that provides excellent comfort when standing for long periods of time.  It is ideal for use in bars, kitchen and industrial applications.


AIR GRID Anti Fatigue Mats for Dry Areas

Air Grid Anti-fatigue mat is a hardwearing, comfortable, non-slip mat. It is used in demanding work areas such as benches, counters, machines and workstations. Can be used also in wet areas like bars, food preparation areas and kitchens.

Diamond Foot Anti-Fatigue and Non-slip Mat

Diamond Foot is an ultra comfortable, anti-fatigue slip resistant mat, hard wearing and chemical resistant surface. Ideal for all dry areas including warehouses and workstations.


Soft Foot Anti Fatigue Mats

Soft Foot Anti Fatigue Mats are rugged, durable closed cell vinyl sponge antifatigue matting. which is ideal for use in warehouses, counters, checkouts or any dry area.


Insertion Rubber Mats

Insertion Rubber is a durable sheeting made from natural rubber with cloth insertion. Being a versatile product, it is used in a wide range of applications, some including as ground protection for driveways and walkways or surface protection for toolboxes, workbenches and ute or van backs

Logo Door Mat Absorba Design

Logo Mat Absorba Design mats are excellent way to create an impression or get a message across to everyone who walks through your door.


Dura Step | Mat Anti Fatigue Mat for Dry Area

Dura Step Mat offers a unique combination of comfort and wear features. The non-slip rubber surface relieves strain on legs.


Engineers Mat Comfortable Anti-Slip Mat

Engineers Mat is an extremely heavy duty, comfortable, anti-slip mat used in demanding work areas such as engineering and mechanical workshops, steel fabrication areas and much more.

Marble Foot Mat Anti Fatigue Vinyl Mat

MARBLE FOOT matting is an ultra comfortable anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat.


SOFT FOOT Diamond Deluxe | Dry Area Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mat, the solution to better working condition and proven to increase productivity. It is great for use in any dry areas such as photocopiers, counters, check outs and warehouses.

Budget Safety Mats - Wet or Dry Areas Safety Mat

Budget Safety Mat is a comfortable, non-slip safety mat for wet or dry areas. It is used behind bars, at wash-up areas, work benches or work stations

Comfort Stand Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat

Comfort Stand Plus is an ultra-comfortable anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat. It is made from a thick, dense, durable, one piece polyurethane closed cell foam. Comfort Stand Plus is used at sit/stand desks, or at check-outs, concierge areas, counters, domestic kitchens, meet & greet areas, workstations and so on.


3M™ Safe-Tigue™ Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Slip Resistant 5100 Mat

3M™ Safe-Tigue™ Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Slip Resistant 5100 Mat is a durable,flexible vinyl mat with an open construction for easy cleaning, comfort, and safety. The unbacked, open construction allows debris and liquids to pass through the mat.

Logo Mat True Grip Design

Log Mat with True Grip Design great for use in high traffic areas outdoors. It is made from nitrile rubber which won't curl or crack.

3M ™ Safety-Walk ™ Cushion Mat 5270 | Anti-Fatigue Mat

3M™ Safety-Walk Cushion Mat 5270 is a durable medium profile vinyl, textured, solid top surface, anti-fatigue cushion mat for work areas where people walk or stand and want fatigue resistance. The solid top allows debris to stay on top of the mat for easy cleaning.


Softstat Dissipative Mat - Non-slip Anti-Fatigue Mat

Softstat Dissipative Mat is an ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs, and also helps prevent damaging equipment from static electricity.