Small Outdoor Brooms


Patio Broom with Steel Handle

240mm Poly fibre ideal for carpet & outdoor sweeping.  Comes with a steel handle.

Super Slim Sweep Handled

Slim line - ideal for sweeping tennis courts, carports, patios and paths. Fitted with Multifit Powder Coated Handle.

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Patio Broom Handled

Polypropylene fill and 28cm stock. It is good for outdoor driveways and pavers. Fitted with Multifit Powder Coated Handle.


Supreme Gardener Handled

It is made of modern style & colours. Extra stiff polypropylene fill. 30cm stock. This is ideal for outdoor use. Fitted with Multifit Powder Coated Handle.


Outdoor Blade Broom

It has tough bristles that effectively scrub outdoor surfaces. Its built in rubber blade collects water & dirt in just one sweep. It has a powder coated steel handle.

Space Saver Outdoor Broom

Its robust snap lock handle helps for easy storage & cleaning in hard to reach places. It has extra stiff bristles to easily sweep large particles. Bonus adaptor secures head permanently in a fixed position.

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Bulldozer Angle Broom

Angled fill foe quicker sweep in tight corners. Fill made from 80% recycled plastic. Upright style provides a more ergonomic way to sweep.
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Vileda Eco Fibres Premium 350mm Outdoor Broom

Made using recycled material. Bristles made from 100% recycled polypropylene. Block made from 30% recycled polypropylene.
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Precision Angle Indoor/Outdoor Broom

Features contemporary styling and unique comfort handle. Premium fill is cut on an angle to get into those hard to reach places. Deluxe soft bumpers to protect furniture and skirting boards (27.5cm board).

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5-tie Poly Outdoor Broom

Ideal for outdoor surfaces including around the pool area as fill will not be effected by chlorine or bleach. Can be used in wet or dry applications. Flagged ends assist to sweep up the smallest of particles. 5 rows of stitching for prolonged life.
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Merribrite Patio Garden Broom Head

Ideal for pathways and hard surfaces. Stiff bristles for larger particles. Takes a 22mm bamboo handle.
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Smooth-Rough Surface Replacement Head - 450MM

Can be used to sweep on all outdoor surfaces. Suitable for smooth to rough areas, such as sweeping tiles, pavers, smooth concrete, bitumen etc.

450mm Garden Rake

A durable plastic ideal for collecting grass, leaves, hay and debris. It has a large fan shape design for greater coverage. Complete with 1.35m x 22m  Dura Tuff handle.


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Collapsible Garden Rake

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General Outdoor Broom Handled

It has stiff bristles that effectively collect dirt and debris. It is ideal for use on concrete, decking, and outdoor tiles. 22mm plastic coated steel handle.
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Oates Medium Stiff Outdoor Broom

450mm broom with stiff bristles ideal for concrete, paving and outdoor surfaces. It has lightweight construction.

Vileda Eco Broom Synthetic Outdoor Broom

Modern and practical design, making sweeping tasks easy with this perimum outdoor broom. It has sturdy bristles sweep heavy and large debris.
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Vileda Outdoor Value Broom

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Oates Garden Rake Head 450mm

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Outdoor Jiffy Broom

Flagged ends collect even the finest dirt & dust particles for a thorough sweep. Sturdy durable bristles to cope with outdoor sweeping.
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Outdoor Premium Broom

Flagged ends collect even the finest dirt & dust particles for a thorough sweep. Sturdy durable bristles to cope with outdoor sweeping.
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Mr Clean Outdoor Commercial Broom

This is suitable for outdoor sweeping. It has plastic broom head with PET bristles.

White Magic Sweeper Set

The broom is soft and ergonomic grip with telescopic handle from 95cm to 1.5m. Though it's strong, it's light weight Aluminium construction.

Eclipse Outdoor Broom With Handle

A multi-purpose outdoor broom with soft PET bristles on outer band to collect fine dust particles, around a body of stiffer PP bristles to shift heavier particles.
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Gardener Outdoor Broomhead

Soft PVC bristle with 300mm head length. Supplied with a 22 x 1300 epoxy resin coated handle. 
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Paving and Sealing Broom Head

Paving broom head with PP bristle highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and most solvents.
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Decor Speed Outdoor Professional Broom

A heavy duty outdoor broom with dual fibres - soft red bristles for dust; stiff grey bristles for heavy debris.

Decor Speed Outdoor Deck Scrub 230mm

An outdoor broom that has stiff scrubbing bristles with scraper amd soft protective edge. It has a lightweight still handle which makes it lighter for you to clean even the dirtiest area.
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Decor Speed Premium Outdoor Push Broom 300mm

Outdoor Premium Push broom has soft, protective edges and promotes better posture while cleaning.
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