Spotshot 400ml

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Accidents happen! But now you’ve got a better way of thoroughly cleaning carpets that’s environmentally friendly.

Spot Shot works instantly to power-out carpet stains without scrubbing. Just a quick blast of Spot Shot, and the toughest stains disappear before your eyes.

Simply use Spot Shot as instructed and you’ll be left with stain and odour free carpets in minutes. Even old stains from pets, greasy foods, motor oil, red wine, blood, grape juice, shoe polish, cola, mud, coffee, and lipstick are no match for Spot Shot’s awesome cleaning power.Safe to use around children & pets when used as directed.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Remove solid residue and blot up excess moisture. Spray soiled area with SPOT SHOT and wait 3 minutes. Blot or rub gently with clean, damp cloth or sponge. Rinse cloth or sponge and repeat until carpet is clean. *Before cleaning, test hidden section of carpet for colour fastness.

• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, with anti-resoiling agents to protect carpets after cleaning.
• Absorbs and neutralises odours
• Approved by Carpet and Rug Institute
Available in a 400mL trigger pack.