Sheer Glass Water Stain Remover

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Sheer Glass removes hard water spots, lime deposits, adhesives and oxidation from glass surfaces. Excellent on stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, tile, granite and chrome surfaces as well.

Product Description
  • Non-acid formula
  • Contains a filtering agent which continues to draw embedded stains to the surface to be removed easily.
  • Contains a glass polish to leave glass surfaces sparkling.
  • Utilizes a mild abrasive that will not scratch surfaces.
  • Leaves a protective coating after use.
  • Excellent on stainless steel surfaces.
  • Gently removes hard water spots, lime deposits, adhesives and oxidation run-off to beautify and restore surfaces.
  • Will not etch or burn glass like acid products
  • Does not require the use of gloves or mask to use.
  • Also cleans & restores porcelain, tile, granite, chrome and stainless steel.
  • Safe to use on fiberglass.
  • Non-ammonia formula. No odor at all.
  • Does not require use of a buffer, but a buffer will speed up the process.
  • Removes paint over spray.
  • Removes rust
  • Product works well on all metal surfaces to remove stains and leaves a shine to the metal.
  • Can be used on all types of exterior and interior glass surfaces
  • Excellent on shower doors.