Rubbermaid Executive Folding Ultra Compact Housekeeping Cart - High Capacity

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Rubbermaid FG9T7700BLA Ultra Compact Housekeeping Cart is great for small areas, but able to expand to meet growing needs. It feature a smarter design that provides superior maneuverability without compromising overall storage.

- Compact footprint
- water and chemical-resistant
- durable 8" ball bearing wheels and quiet 4" casters
- expansive storage space
- interchangeable handles and removable platform
- lightweight
- preassembled locking security hood
- rubber tool grips and hooks
- secure cabinet doors
- vacuum holder and bungee
- with a high capacity-to-footprint ratio, only 22" wide.
- service up to 12 guest rooms
- durable construction
- easy to clean
- Simple design allows easier organisation of amenities. 
- Long-lasting structural web plastic ad non rusting aluminum. 

Carry all your supplies with you as you go with Rubbermaid Turndown housekeeping cart - a complete system solution for your microfiber cleaning needs!
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Compact Footprint for effortless operation in limited spaces – 37% more compact than our Traditional Housekeeping Cart (FG618900BLA) while fitting in space-constrained areas

Expansive Storage Space removable bins and caddies let staff restock before they clean, increasing productivity by eliminating search time for additional supplies. Add additional bins, caddies, and pails (FG9T8400BLA, FG9T8200BLA, 1857378, and 1857391).

Durable 8" ball bearing wheels and 4" casters makes manuverablity easy and quiet for workers.

Interchangeable handles and removable platform allow user to easily expand or reduce the footprint of the cart to meet specific cleaning and storage needs.

Preassembled locking security hood speeds up assembly and ensures all products will be secure.

Secure Cabinet Doors keep cleaning supplies concealed from view and locked up when carts are unattended.

Vacuum holder and bungee for simple, secure transport of upright vacuums (1868440 or 1868622) or a Pulse (1863885 or 1863884).

Rubber Tool Grips and Hooks securely hold up to 5 stick goods, while hooks hold up to 4 safety signs.

Water and chemical-resistant finish provides easy maintenance and long-lasting good looks.

Carry all your supplies with you as you go. The Rubbermaid Turndown housekeeping cart is a complete system solution for your microfiber cleaning needs.

Service up to 12 guest rooms with this compact high capacity cart.

Dimensions L 97.2 x H 111.8 x W 55.9cm
Material Polypropylene / Aluminium
Inclusions: locking cabinet and one compact fabric bag
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