Leather and Vinyl Cleaner LVC

California Custom
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"LVC" Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is what you've been looking for! It is a non-greasy conditioner designed for interior use but also works great for keeping leather or vinyl roofs or covers looking and feeling like new.

"LVC" is a mild cleaner but a Serious Conditioner that allows the leather to "breathe", and actually does help to protect leather and vinyl from the elements, keeping them SOFT and SUPPLE with NO GREASY FILM!

Depending on different types of application, you can achieve the natural luster of the surface, or a high gloss finish. "LVC" was formulated for the finest of leathers, but found to also work great on plastic and rubber. You can even achieve a "black mirror" effect on tires! Without leaving a greasy film, it WILL NOT attract dust!

"LVC" is excellent because of how it works, what it does, and the results it will give you.