OC MULTISOL System - Freshener & Sanitiser

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The OC MultiSol System can be used for 3 functions. Air freshener cans with 4 tantalizing fragrances, insect control natural pyrethrin can, or used with the odour neutraliser can.

Value for money 12000 shot cans ( at 5 minute interval setting ) 8000 shots (at 7 minute interval ) lasting up to 8 weeks with an approximate saving of 40% compared to other brands over this period.

Not only does Multi-air sanitiser create a 24/7 barrier against germs and bacteria, it also provides a subtle & refreshing fragrance within the localized environment for staff, customers and visitors alike.


320mm(h) x 120mm(w) x 80mm(d)

Operates on 3 " AAA" cell batteries.

12000 metered sprays per refill

Programming Functions:
5 or 7 Minute intervals exotic Spice Pink pepper, pomegranate and grapefruit

Island Cotton Volcanic salt with sea island

Mandarin and Thyme Mandarin with lime, white tea and thyme

Oriental Lotus Lotus flower with lilies

Odour Neutraliser Odour neutraliser-sanitiser with no added fragrance

Can size 305 grams / 500 ml net

12,000 shots at 7.5 minute interval releases 24 hours per day

Life of can: 62 days or 8 weeks

Works to eliminate airborne germs by killing bacteria and preventing odours at their source. It will kill up to 99% of germs, bacteria viruses and fungi on hard and soft services.

Eliminate odours in the majority of household and commercial premises - ranging from restaurant and hotel washrooms, offices, reception areas, lobbies, conference rooms, bathrooms, aged care facilities, Medical centres, commercial properties, businesses, education facilities, etc.

This Fragrance-Sanitiser will reduce airborne bacteria for a healthier environment. Our services will reduce airborne bacteria making the air you breathe healthier and cleaner.

Added to this is a range of sophisticated fragrances that will enhance any environment creating a natural and pleasant atmosphere where ever it is dispensed.