BacTech 4 Litre

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Economical anti-microbial based product recommended for use in water damage situations for control of mildew and other odours associated with bacterial and microbial growth.

Can be used as a tropical treatment after cleaning of carpet, fabric, upholstery and bedding and other fabrics and fibres for immediate control protection against odours associated with bacteria, microbial growth.

Scented in a variety of 6 different fragrances to re-odorize cleaned fabrics, surfaces, bedding and furnishings.

Can be diluted with water and remain stable, contains no heavy metals and is readily biodegradable.

Application at low pressure between 35 and 65 psi at a rate of 10 square meters per litre of the Ready To Use mixture in a downward direction where possible, grooming into the cleaned surface with provide better performance.