BioTech 4 Litre

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Professional product with super strength anti-microbial recommended for use in badly affected water damage situations.

Use for control of mildew, mould and the odours associated with the growth or over colonization of bacteria, microbes, moulds, spores and other allergy causing nasties that cause malodour and unhealthy environments.

Tests have proven that it reduces cross infection and inhibits a wide range of micro organisms including, bacteria, yeasts, moulds and algae like Golden Staph, Candida Albicans, and Aspergillus Niger, Chlorella Pyrenoldosa, E-Coli and more.

Recommended for use as a topical treatment after cleaning of carpet, fabric, upholstery and bedding and other fabrics and fibres for fast acting protections against odours and increased colonization associated with bacteria and microbial infestation.

Ideal to use as a treatment after cleaning to help reduce allergens that may cause respiratory problems.

The extra long residual action will provide ongoing effectiveness for many months making it ideal for use in commercial situations like schools, kindergartens, multi story.

Non-scented to re-odorize cleaned spaces and furnishings and to assist with client initiated psychological disco