Oates Platinum Janitors Cart

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Check out the NEW Platinum Janitors Cart from Oates!

1. Foldable handle assembly: Handle assembly folds up to reduce space when stored

2. Laundry bad lid: Foldable lid to hide rubbish

3. JA-006 Hook clips: Removable and replaceable hook clips retro fits onto the rim of the top tray - ideal for 25mm handles, B-11117 Slimline Lobby Pan and our range of Caution "A" frame signs

4. Ergo bucket footprint: Footprint to suit IW-100 EZY Ergo Bucket to spot bucket from rolling around the cart

5. Front castors: Strong, durable and non marking 100mm front castors with locking brakes

6. Mop holder bracket: Bracket to hold dust control mops

7. Foldable rear platform: Rear platform to support the weight of the laundry bag and folds up to reduce space when stored.

8. Rear wheels: Strong, durable and non marking 200mm rear wheels with bearings

9. JA-011-Z Replacement zip bag: Laundry bag with zip and a total of four side pockets for extra storage

10. JA-007 Bottle holder: Bottle holder to hold PB-001 PB-002 spray bottles

11: Ergonomic handles: Ergonomic handles to provide better comfort during usage

Cart Dimension: length 430mm x width 595mm x height 950mm


Note: The cart does not come with a locking cabinet as in the picture. You can buy it as optional accessory.

Optional accessory:
- Lockable cabinet - JA-010M: To be fitted in between the middle shelf and top tray to store chemical bottles and other items that need to be secured.
- Pneumatic wheel kit: Includes two pneumatic wheels for the rear end and an axel to suit any nylock nuts/washer. The pneumatic wheel is suitable for outdoor use and provides easier mobility over rough even surfaces.
- Press wringer bar: Optional accessory to fit IW-500 Ezy Ergo Press Wringer. When this bar is fitted, the front of the cart can hold two MS-009 9L Buckets
- Press Wringer Assembly Support - replacement press wringer. Supports bar, sold individually.
- Bottle Holder Insert -
JA-49 - it is ideal for holding spray bottles. To be used with JA-48 Maximaid Carrier


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