White Magic Easy Hang - Heavy Duty Scour Sponge

White Magic
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White Magic Easy Hang Heavy Duty Scour Sponge is a versatile cleaning tool with nice thick PU sponge on one side, which is great for cleaning delicate things like non stick pans, glass, fine cutlery, and a heavy duty green nylon on the other side for scrubbing pots and pans.

It's 3cm thick, which is thicker than most of the other sponge scours on the market. This allows for a good sud build up, which helps to cut through grease. This Sponge Scour also features nice heavy duty green nylon, which means it will last longer before wearing out.

The sponge is also ergonomically cut, so it fits into your hand nice and easily, and it's got a hole in the centre which is used for storage.

In the starter pack you receive one suction holder and two sponge scours and in the refill pack you receive 3 sponge scours.