White Magic Easy Hang - Heavy Duty Scourers

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White Magic Easy Hang - Heavy Duty Scourers is an all round scrubbing pad which is great for burnt in muck on pots, pans, grills and anywhere else you've got stubborn grime in the kitchen.

White Magic's Heavy Duty Scours are a whopping 16cm long and 12cm wide. That is the professional cleaning size, because it's the largest pad that can fit in a normal hand. You can clean a large surface quickly with a larger surface area.

The scour is also nearly 1cm in thickness. This very dense, thick nylon will last many cleans.

It's also got a softer touch so it wont damage your fingertips during use, and an inbuilt antibacterial agent that resists the growth of bacteria, keeping away bad smells.

The hole in the middle is for the easy hang storage system.

In the start pack you get one Easy Hang Holder and three scour pads, and in the refill pack you receive five scour pads.