Peerless Vitality Complete Washroom Maintainer

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Vitality Complete Washroom Maintainer for daily washroom and toilet maintenance. Cleans and deodorizes in one operation. Removes soap scum, rust stains and calcium films from toilet bowls, urinals, baths, basins and ceramic tiled surfaces.

It can be also used as a floor cleaner to clean and brighten glazed or ceramic tiled floors. Available in 1L, 5L, 15L, 15L Bag in Box, 25L and 205L.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning: Squirt a stream of undiluted VITALITY around the bowl and under the rim. Agitate with toilet brush then flush. Safe for use in septic tank systems when used as directed.
Urinals: Squirt a stream of undiluted VITALITY around the urinal, swab with applicator or brush then flush.
Repeat daily. For extremely dirty cases and stubborn stains, allow VITALITY to stand for 3 minutes before flushing. Stainless Steel may require the use of a non-scratch hand pad to assist buildup removal, flush
thoroughly after treatment.

Wash Basins: Same treatment as for urinals.

Shower and Bath Soap Scum Removal: This product is extremely effective in removing soap scum from shower walls and bases.  Initial Treatment:  Apply undiluted VITALITY working from bottom to top, allow 3 minutes for full chemical action, then scrub with hand pad and rinse with clean water.
Floor Cleaning: Dilute VITALITY 1 part to 20 parts water, mop over surface and rinse clean.  Regular cleaning will leave the surface clean and sparkling and eliminate discolouration of grouting. Also available are screen-printed 1 litre dispensing bottles.