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Industrial Push Sweeper

Lightweight, easy to maneuver push sweeper cleans dirt, dust and litter from any hard surface including cement, tile, wood and asphalt.


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- Dry vacuuming.
- Side broom sweeps debris away from wall and obstacles into path of main broom.
- Main broom sweeps debris into large 1.2 cubis foot hopper.
- Easy to empty hopper.
- Cleans 27" (68.6cm) wide path.
- Rubber seal provides dust free operation.
- Two 10" (25.4cm) main wheels with heavy duty front caster.
- Adjustable main and side brooms.

Typical Characteristics

Main Broom

8" (20.3cm) diameter
19" (48.3cm) long
Side Broom
12" (30.5cm) diameter
1.4cu. ft.
Foamed high density polyethylene