Sabco Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Cloths

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The Sabco surface cleaning wipes have been specially formulated to dissolve and remove various soils. These multi surface wipes can be used on a variety of non-porous surfaces; they are fast drying and non toxic.

The large absorbent cloths help trap and lift grease and grime from surfaces, leaving a streak and lint free finish. The powerful cleaning action provides excellent degreasing power to remove stubborn stains and soils.
The Sabco antibacterial surface cleaning wipes offer a 3 in 1 action.

- Kills 99.9% Bacteria
- Leaves a fresh scent
- Removes grease and grime
Replaced with Sabco Antibacterial Wet WIpes 100Pk

There is no bleach or harsh chemicals and the exclusive formula is pH balanced to be gentle on the skin. The soft cloths are non-abrasive and they will not scratch delicate surfaces. Surfaces that have been cleaned with these wipes are not required to be rinsed and they will leave a light/fresh citrus scent. The innovative canister design enables convenient storage and easy dispensing.