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Have you ever thought, "I am happy with my Mop cleaning set (mop + bucket & wringer). However,it bothers me that it still requires effort to wring the mop, afterwards both my mop and my floors take too much time to dry."

The new Vileda “Spin Mop Set” is just for you! It perfectly cleans your floors and easily wrings without effort enabling floors to dry quicker. It also leaves the mop clean!

This is thanks to the unique mechanical rotating system which perfectly wrings your mop without effort and leaves floors perfectly clean and dry. You just need to press on the footstep 3 or 4 times while the handle is inserted upright into the wringer. It is Easy to Wring and Clean!

Complete system including Mop Head, Handle and Easy Wring bucket. 100% Microfibre mop head for cleaning power. Absorbent material leaves floors drier. Triangular mop head shaped designed to better reach into corners. Easy to replace mop head with the click in frame. Handle rotates up to 90° to reach under furniture. Easy to wring out mop with foot press on Easy Wring bucket. Bucket made of recycled materials. Inbuilt bucket splash protection. Machine washable up to 60°C. Ideal for parquets, laminate, tiles, wall tiles and glass. For best results, mop in a figure eight motion.

Oval shaped bucket made of high quality & specified materials -> premium

High quality, reinforced foot pedal -> long lasting

Use of recycled materials for bucket & wringer -> eco-friendly

Triangular shaped mop for better edges & corner cleaning -> ergonomic

Funnel for easier mop introduction & water splash protection -> convenient

100% microfiber mop -> great cleaning performance

The new Vileda Spin Mop rotates more than 1000 times per minute inside the wringer cage!

Dirt particles and water are accelerated at about 275 m/s² ->quicker & more efficient dirt removal

Vileda is using recycled materials for all non mechanical components:
- 50 to 100% recycled plastic for the bucket (r-PP weight currently optimized)
- 100% recycled plastic for the wringer cage
- Foot pedal partly with r-PP

Microfibers unique properties allow to clean effectively while reducing the amount of chemicals used. In addition, microfiber mops require a negligible quantity of water.
- Mop head has wide, absorbent strings made of ultra-fine microfiber, which is soft, gentle and won’t scratch floor surfaces.
- It is ideal for all floors types incl. delicate ones like laminate/polished floor boards.
- Mop head is removable and machine washable at 60°(min. washing cycles 5x)

Mop special triangular shape enables to clean perfectly all corners and edges
- The flexible joint allows to clean «difficult to reach» areas (e.g. below furniture)
- The mop also perfectly cleans glasses and wall tiles
- 3 pcs handle easy to assemble and pivotable grip

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