Crete-Wash Safe Concrete Removal – Cretewash

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Cretewash is a unique and safe formulation designed to remove dry set concrete without damage to the surface underneath.

Cretewash maybe used to remove concrete off painted surfaces such as color bond fence panels, trucks, cars, trailers and tools. Even on aluminium window frames, cretewash will not acid etch or stain.Cretewash is biodegradable and safe to use without gloves.

Uses for Cretewash•Concrete Removal - spray cretewash onto dry set concrete, allow to soak in and re apply to keep concrete moist. As cretewash is soaked in by the concrete it will start reversing the concrete to a mud like consistancy. For thick build ups allow time for cretewash to soak in.

•Cretewash is perfect to use in removal of accidental splashes of concrete on painted surfaces, aluminium window frames, vehicles or tools with rubber and other sensitive parts that other harsh acid systems would attack, stain and damage.

•For around the house cretewash is a fatanstic concrete path/driveway cleaner. Cretewash can be diluted with water and used on wetted concrete to clean inground dirt, tyre marks and browning of concrete to bring it back to newly laid concrete colour without harsh stripping of the surface.

•Cretewash has saved thousands in replacement of window frames covered in concrete render during construction, cleaning off the concrete and not damaging the frames.

•Perfect for daily wash down of tools like your wheelbarrow, trowels, moulds and formwork, that is user friendly and not a dangerous goods.