Wee Off Urine & Stain Remover

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The ready to use WeeOff™ Urine and Staine Remover offers a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution by removing the cause of the offensive stain or odour.

WeeOff™ Remover is ideal for any industry which has a problem with urine.

If you are travelling by plane, train, bus, taxi or boat you appreciate and expect clean, fresh, safe and hygienic conditions in the washroom and in the cabin in general. With tight timetable schedules this does not always happen.


Wee Off is very easy to use and only small quantities are needed for optimum performance. By following the steps below you will rid yourself of even the toughest stains and smells.
1. Shake well before use and never dilute.
2. Always check for colourfastness.
3. Pick up solids and wipe up excess liquid.
4. Dampen the offending area with cold water.
5. Spray Wee Off on the offending area.
6. Allow Wee Off to air dry. Do not rub or scrub the offending area.
7. Vacuum to remove any residual matter.
8. Repeated applications may be required for old stains.

If urine stains and odours are left untreated, it can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Urine can be spread by unsuspecting travellers who come in contact with urine affected surfaces such as floors, walls, doors, railings and bathroom fittings.

When using the WeeOff™ Remover, you are removing the source of the problem and leaving a clean, fresh and hygienic surface. With public concerns about the spread of infections and diseases, industries must find solutions to prevent and contain such occurrences happening.

Download Wee Off Urine and Stain Remover MSDS