Green Sleeve - Remove Urinal Smells

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The Bio Blitz Green Sleeve deals with the common urinal problems by eliminating unpleasant smells, reducing blockages, improving hygiene, enhancing the appearance of the washroom and reduces both operating and maintenance costs.

The Bio Blitz Green Sleeve uses millions of friendly bacteria which are specially selected to target and feed on the uric salt and sludge deposits.

The ’good’ bacteria are contained in a small block in the sleeve with a subtle fragrance which is placed in the urinal bowl or trough. The biological activity softens the deposits which are washed away when the urinal is cleaned.

The Green Sleeve, together with the biological spray solution that is used by cleaners, means the urinal stays fresh and clean and deposits are prevented from returning.

Reason's why you should install the Bio Blitz Green Sleeve:

•Can be retro-fitted to new and exisiting urinals
•Removes the odours coming from the urinal and washroom
•Reduces blockages and maintenance
•Good for the environment as it helps to reduce the amount of water needed
•Removes the need to use harsh chemical cleaners