Protecta Plus 1L - Carton of 6

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Protecta Plus Water Repellent Barrier Cream is a non-greasy, non-irritant barrier cream designed to protect the skin from water, moisture and from water-borne irritants.

These irritants include acids, alkalis, electrolyte solutions and wet soils.

Protecta Plus is highly water repellent, even after long periods of contact with water. This novel formulation is similar to those used for water-resistant sunscreens, but provides greatly enhanced water resistance. Protecta Plus provides natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin. It helps prevent chafed, chapped, cracked and windburnt skin. Protecta Plus also provides temporary protection to minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

The regular use of Protecta Plus will provide enhanced long term protection against industrial dermatitis. Protecta Plus is pH controlled to match that of the skin and hence provides a higher degree of skin compatibility.

Protecta Plus contains both highly refined Lanolin and Allantoin. These products actively participate in the skins protective mechanism by simulating the natural properties of skin lipids and by promoting and accelerating the healthy natural processes of the skin. Pain connected with skin burns, wounds and ulcers is relieved and frequently eliminated by soothing creams containing Allantoin.

1L Pod for use with Series 1000 Manual Dispenser.