Gilly Stephenson’s Carnauba Polish 100g

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Gilly Stephenson’s Carnauba Polish is a fast drying high sheen finishing polish for all types of woods.




Typical Uses

• Tabletops, decoupage and other surfaces prone to finger marks

• Excellent finish on marble, tortoiseshell and other hard surfaces

• For maintenance of antiques and fine furniture

• Helps prevent rust on base metals

• Friction polish for use on the lathe


• Made with bees wax and a high proportion of carnauba wax making it ideal for use on modern finishes

• Can be used on raw wood and buffed with a pine brush


Apply sparingly and buff immediately. On large surface areas only

work on a small area at any given time.

To restore wax finish on stripped furniture and/ or establish a wax finish

on raw wood:

1. Apply 1 to 3 coats of Restoring & New Timber Polish to prepared surface and buff with a soft cloth.

2. Apply at least 2 coats of Cabinet Makers Wax, preferably using [0000] steel wool. Buff with a soft cloth. The number of applications will depend on the finish required.

3. For a high gloss, hard finish maintain with Carnauba Polish.

Click here for Carnauba Polish MSDS.