Vileda Super Squeeze Mop

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Vileda Super Squeeze Mop has a strong PVA sponge, designed to clean floors faster and more efficiently. The grooved sponge is engineered to scrub as you mop. Picks up and removes dirt, hair and small particles conveniently leaving a spotless clean floor.

Highly absorbent sponge, leaving the floors drier after cleaning, and also reducing water consumption. Specifically designed wringer mechanism making it easier to wring and discharge unwanted water. Designed for all tiled, polished floorboard and synthetic floors.

NOW DISCONTINUED BY VILEDA. Please view Easy Squeeze Mop as this is AVAILABLE in Australia and is the closest to this discontinued mop.

You may also consider this Massive Four Post Squeeze Mop from Oates. 
NOTE: As the refill is a big seller, our customers often ask how much for postage on this item. We charge $12 for a post bag which will fit 3 refills or less. For over 3, we use a courier bag which costs $18.40. Please do not select " contact us for postage charges" in the checkout area for this item, unless you wish to purchase large amounts. The refills are now blue in colour.