Nilfisk CFM 3PH iVac 3997

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For very heavy duty and continuous service. This 3 phase vacuum can be connected to CVS used in various sectors as agricultural-food production or metal-working industries.

 Many optionals are available for heavy material and/or in large quantities. The electric filter shaker is standard supply.

The 3997 has a 22 Kw, three phase, aluminium casting induction motor directly driven to the fan. The self cooling suction unit can work continuously, without the need of any maintenance.

The suction unit is run by an electric box with a stardelta-star starting, housed in the rear casing and power is supplied by a 9 meters-long, 4 core cable. The on/off switches are within a control panel, in the upper part of the rear casing.

In the control panel, there are also a timer and a manometer to enable visual control of the filter condition. An external electric filter shaker enables easy and efficient filter cleaning. The "L" class star filter is mounted on the vac as standard and guaranties an efficient filtration. The cyclone plate is already incorporated into the filter chamber in order to protect the filter itself.

The steel waste bin with a capacity of 175 liter is fitted with castors and easily removable by an exclusive, highly practical handle release system.

The machine body is made of heavy duty tubular steel and painted with epoxy powders, to ensure robustness and a longer lifetime. An useful basket tool is mounted on the rear casing. The head of the filter housing is easily detachable by means of 4 hooks.

In the low part there are two guides to help moving the machine through a forklift.

The stability of the machine is ensured by the position of the suction unit placed at the bottom of the casing.


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- Heavy duty vacuums
- Continuous running
- Reduced maintenance
- Greater filter efficiency
- Highly effective systems for maintaining filter efficiency
- High suction levels
- Filter monitoring
- Easily removable container
- Control panel
- Integral electrical panel
- Large wheels
- Lifting brackets
- Brackets for bin lifting
- Accessories carried in tool tray
- Absolute filter
- Stainless steel version

Product Features
Star triangle starting
Inversor switch
Cyclone system
Electrical filter shaker
Relief valve
Accessory container
Release container system
Vacuum meter
Tangential inlet
Three phase side chanel blower

Incl. Accessories
Star filter 780 polyester

Technical Specifications
Voltage (V)
Frequency (hz)
IP protection class
Insulation class
Rated power (W)
Airflow without hose (L/sec)
Vacuum max (kpa)
Sound pressure level at 1.5 m (db(a)iso 3744)
Container capacity ( L )
Main filter type
L class polyester
Main filter area (cm²)
Inlet (mm)
Length x Width x Height (cm)
Weight (kg)
Vacuum gauge (filter surveillance)