Nilfisk CFM 3PH iVac 3308

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Finally an industrial vacuum that can be modified and transformed in a very simple way: just adding optionals: cut-out for liquids, purge cleaning systems by cartridges, electric filter shaker. Ideal for all kind of applications, from the simplest to the most sophisticated one.

The vacuum is made up of four basic parts: chassis, filter chamber, waste bin, motor housing. The side-channel suction unit, made of aluminium casting is fitted at the base of the chassis, giving more stability to the machine. The impeller is directly driven, thus avoiding any transmission and maintenance. The special diffuser decreases the speed of the exhaust air to less than 1m/s, in compliance with European regulations EN 60335-2-69. Moreover, the diffuser provides an optimum noise level of 69 dB (A). The vacuum gauge monitors filtration efficiency. The vac is fitted with a external manual filter shaker, located on the side of the machine, easy to use and ergonomic. The greater filter surface is obtained by means of a polyester star filter, 1,95 m² as filtering surface, "L" class as standard.


For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service


For spare parts and accessories, please contact us for prompt service


In presence of toxic/hazardous powders, two kinds of Absolute filters can be fitted on this vac : the Upstream HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) - and the Downstream ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air). Respectively tested by the MPPS method (Most Penetrating Particle Size), according to EN 1822 regulations. They can be mounted together on the vac, if needed.

The material is collected inside a 100 litre painted steel container provided with castors, easy to remove thanks to a handy release system. The machine frame is made of heavy duty tubular and plate steel, painted with epoxy powders to ensure robustness and is provided with a tool basket and cable holder. The tangential inlet allows a better cyclonic effect in presence of fine dusts. For better protection of the filter chamber in presence of abrasive materials, a reinforcement shield is fitted as standard on all the models.

The manoeuvrability of the vacuum is granted by two fixed wheels (Ø 200 mm) - and by two swivel wheels - (Ø 150 mm) – provided with brakes and fitted with bearings.

- Password: Modularity
- Designed to increase the productivity
- Wet & dry applications
- Side channel blower

Product features
Manual filter shaker
Accessory container
Release container system
Vacuum meter
Three phase side chanel blower

Incl. Accessories
Filter.polyester kit

Technical specifications
Voltage (V)
Frequency (HZ)
IP protection class
Insulation class
Rated power (W)
Airflow without hose (L/sec)
Vacuum max (kpa)
Sound pressure level at 1.5 m (db(a)iso 3744)
Container capacity ( L )
Main filter type 
L class Polyester
Main filter area (cm²)
Inlet (mm)
Length x Width x Height (cm)
Weight (Kg)
Vacuum gauge (filter surveillance)