Boom bsorbent Mini 60cm x 15cm - Pack of 5

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Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products for both spill containment and absorption. Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic polypropylene products. Mini-Booms contain Cellusorb, a treated recycled cellulose material and are contained in a durable poly inner and outer jacket. Highly absorbent and proven to pick up 19 times its own weight in oil. Wholly manufactured in Australia. Most effective when used in conjunction with KleenSweep and Oil Socks, and is an integral part of any spill response system.

Features & Benefits

•Contains Cellusorb as main absorbent. Outer jacket made from durable HD polyethylene.
•Quick, lightweight & easy to use.
•High absorption. Each Mini-Boom can absorb: 9.3L (oil). More absorption capacity than pads.
•Cost effective – rapid oil absorption.
•Sorbent is manufactured from >95% treated recycled organic materials.
•Need to replace less often than polypropylene booms.
•Low environmental toxicity if released. Sorbent is biodegradable in 2-5 months.
•Absorbs a wide range of hydrocarbons.
•Floats indefinitely.
•Offers multiple disposal options.
For use on water to absorb oil and fuel spills. Commonly used small marinas, collection ponds, dams and wastewater collection pits. Suitable for the automotive, industrial, commercial markets, marine, waste management and manufacturing industries.

Standards Compliance:

Tested to USEPA 1311 TCLP/8015B, ASTM F726-81 & F716-82, CAN/CGSB 183.2-94, ASTM D5560, USEPA: 9095, 9096A, 1030.