Pillow Absorbent Universal - Pack of 5

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For use on all hard surfaces to absorb and contain spills of water-based liquids, including paints, pesticides, herbicides, body fluids, and food stuffs. .

Commonly used in the grounds & building maintenance industry, commercial operations, warehousing, waste management and manufacturing industries

Clean-up Water-based Liquids on Land

Natural, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products for both spill containment and absorption. Environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic polypropylene products. All Universal Pillows contain a special GP form of our popular Cellusorb, a treated recycled cellulose material and are contained in a natural, permeable cotton jacket. Highly absorbent and proven to pick up 9 times its own weight in water-based liquids. Wholly manufactured in Australia. Most effective when used in conjunction with KleenSweep and an integral part of any spill response system.

Features & Benefits

•Contains Cellulose as main absorbent.
•Quick, lightweight & easy to use.
•Absorbs a wide range of water-based liquids. Absorbs a wide range of water-based liquids.
•Cost effective – rapid containment & absorption on land. Each 1.2m sock absorbs up to 8L (water).
•Low environmental toxicity if accidentally released into the environment. Biodegradable in 2-5 months.
•Offers multiple disposal options.
•Manufactured from recycled materials. Natural cotton outer jacket.
•Available in “Oil Only” form for oil-based liquids.