Chariot iScrub 24

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The cleaning industry is trending toward day cleaning, or cleaning when the facility is occupied. Facility managers want to save energy by reducing the amount of electricity used at night. Buildings are also occupied for more hours of the day, making it necessary for cleaning professionals to accommodate an in-use environment more often.

The Chariot iScrub model was designed with day cleaning in mind.
» The EcoMode cleaning function operates at a significantly reduced sound level, measuring in at only 63 dBA making it ideal for noise-sensitive areas like hospitals and schools
» Swinging squeegee picks up 100% of water leaving a dry, safe floor
» EcoMode conserves water and extends cleaning time between tank refills by putting less water down
» EcoMode also extends battery life -and productive run time – by reducing pad pressure and reducing draw on the vacuum motor
» The unobtrusive design makes the Chariot unintimidating to people and its superior maneuverability allows it to be used without disrupting workflow


» Full circle visibility for operator safety
» Easy to transport around the building and cleans anywhere
» Fits easily into any elevator
» Productive
» Increases productivity by up to 50%
» Reduces operator fatigue
» EcoMode increases productive cleaning time by offering a quieter, less intrusive “Day Cleaning” mode
» cylindrical deck model provides adjustable speeds for different cleaning applications
» EcoMode also adds productivity by lengthening run times between recharging and refilling

Cleaning Function Control Switch
The new, simplified drive controls and cleaning function dial improve the performance of the Chariot, making it easier to use, easier to train operators, and yielding more consistent cleaning results.
The cleaning settings are programmed at each level so there is no guess work involved with choosing the correct setting.

Technical Specifications
Cleaning Path
24" (610 mm)
Brushes, Pad Drivers
2 x 12" (2 x 305 mm)
Brush Motor
2 x 0.3 hp (200 watts)
Brush Speed
300 rpm
Scrub Head Lift
Brush Pressure
0-150 lbs (0-68 kg)
Drive Motor
0.75 hp (560 watts)
Transport Speed
3 mph
Operating Speeds
2.7 mph
Eco/Normal/High: 64/67/68.5
10" (254 mm) solid scrubber compound
Solution Control
Aqua-Mizer system, solution pump with automatic shut-off in neutral
Solution/Recovery Capacity
25 gal (95 ltr)
Flow Rate
Day Cleaning (Eco Mode) .25 gpm
Normal Cleaning .4 gpm
Heavy Cleaning .5 gpm
Vacuum Motor
2 stage, 0.65 hp (470 watts)
Operating System
Automatic pre-set function dial
Electrical System
Flooded - 36V, 3 x 12V, 195 or 215 A/H
batteries; AGM - 36V, 3 x 12V, 234 A/H
batteries; chargers and battery exchange system also available
Weight w/o Batteries
558 lbs (253 kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
51.5" x 26.5" x 50.75" (1310 mm x 673 mm x 1290 mm)
Squeegee Width
33" (840 mm)