Comac CA15 Eco

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The CA15 ECO is the little Comac professional vacuum cleaner.

It has been painstakingly designed to guarantee excellent cleaning results and the greatest comfort for the operator.

CA15 ECO, is particularly suitable for cleaning places where noise level, air quality and user-friendliness are essential: hotels, hospitals, retirement homes. 

The particularly long cable (10 m) means you can move easily over large areas

100% clean air with the use of HEPA filters that are an essential prerogative when cleaning the white rooms of hospitals. These filters allow microdust, including invisible particles, to be collected.

Rear removable rack designed for tools storage; everything will be within easy reach and you'll avoid losing any accessories.

A sturdy vacuum cleaner with an over sized motor that allows you to work continuously for a long time, without interruptions.

Easy cleaning thanks to its notable mobility, without any need for effort from the operator and protecting him against acoustic stress.
An additional socket means electric accessories like the electric brush can be used.


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Noise level dB (A) 59
Power supply (V/Hz) 230-240/50-60
Power (W) 1000
Suction vacuum (mm/H2O-mBar -kPa) 2200-220-22
Total tank capacity (L) 13
Effective tank capacity (L) 6