Karcher BD 40/25 C Bp Pack - Disc Brushes Battery Operated Floor Scrubber

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Karcher BD 40/25 C Bp Pack  is a manually-steered battery-operated floor scrubber with disc brushes with a performance up to 1600 m²/h. For economic basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing of surfaces up to 800 m².

Equipped with maintenance-free battery and on-board charger.

The scrubber drier BD 40/25 C for small and blocked floors is equipped with the single knob operation EASY and very easy to maintain.

It includes Disc/Roller brush, Gel batteries and on-board charger

It is very short and has a extremely small turning cycle. So it is exceptionally agile. It has a working scrubbing width of 400 mm. The BD 40/25 C is very quiet, simply to clean and the handle bar can be folded for easy transport. The straight squeegee is equipped with double sided rubber blades.

It is suitable for basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and polishing hard floors. It has a performance of 1600 m² and can be used economically for areas of 200 up to 800 m². It cleans smooth or structured surfaces properly. On marble and terrazzo it is possible to crystallize. On parquet, water must be vacuumed immediately (no two-step method). Linoleum can be treated like PVC. For heavy soilings, for polishing or crystallizing there are special accessories available.

Features & Benefits
Battery driven
Flexible without power cord.

Brush head with transport wheel
Easy to use and easy transport.

One-button operation - EASY
User friendly and easy to maintain.

Straight squeegee available
Optimized suction effect for all floor conditions possible. Please order separately.

Compact size
Due to the compact size of the machine it is also possible to clean small blocked areas easily.

Tank capacity
25 litre fresh water and 25 litre waste water.

Two plastic parts for the chassis
Only few parts. Integrated a two chambers tank system. Break-and sound-proofed, easy to refill.

Fresh water indication
The transparent and flexible tubing is easy accessible and indicates the fresh water during cleaning.

Technical data
Working width, brush (mm)
Working width, vacuum (mm)
Motor rating (W)
max. 1200
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Battery Voltage (V)
Tank fresh/dirt water (l)
25 / 25
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²)
Brush rotation speed (rpm)
Max. area performance (m²/h)
Frequency (Hz)
50 - 60
Voltage (V)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
800 x 575 x 830

Standard accessories
Disc brush
Tank-in-tank system
Battery and charger on board
Battery type, maintenance-free

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