Karcher HDS 1000 BE

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 Powerful, hot water high-pressure cleaner with robust four-stroke petrol engine and electric starter for operation independent of an electricity supply.

Air-cooled 13 HP four-stroke petrol engine (HONDA) with electric starter.

All components are accommodated in a sturdy tubular steel frame which provides all-round protection during heavy-duty applications.
The frame is specially designed for mechanical handling with a crane or fork-lift truck. The engine is equipped with an automatic speed reducing facility which lowers the noise level during work breaks and greatly extends the service life of the high-pressure cleaner. The standard electric starter enhances starting comfort. High-grade materials in the high-pressure pump, i.e. brass cylinder head, stainless steel valves, nickel-chromium plated stainless-steel pistons, help guarantee a long service life and superior running characteristics.

A pressure relief valve, integral pressure and water flow controls as well as the steam mode ensure that performance can be ideally matched to different cleaning tasks. The high-performance burner, with upright heater coil and non-detonating continuous ignition, has an infinitely variable setting between 30°C and 98°C.

Safety features, such as the low oil cut-out, safety valves, low water cut-out and low heating oil cut-out help protect the machine in tough day-to-day operating conditions. The float tank with its integrated drip-feed scale inhibitor (DGT) reliably isolates the unit from the drinking water main and protects all components that come into contact with water from scale and other deposits.

For mobile applications
Designed for professionals
Optimum cleaning power
For everyplace where there is no convenient electricity supply
For rental businesses, construction companies, farms and forestry services as well as local governments

Features & Benefits
Drive: Air-cooled 13 HP four-stroke petrol engine (HONDA) with electric starter
Easy to start, robust, high-performance, self-sufficient mobility

Automatic revolution reduction during work interruptions
Lower noise level, increased service life

High-pressure pump: Brass cylinder head with suction and pressure valves from high-grade steel
Long service life, allows use of a wide range of detergents,

Boiler and burner system: High performance burner with permanent ignition, vertical heating coil, heating performance 59 kW
Even heat distribution, no corrosion due to condensation, emission values are lower than the standards

Safety and control equipment: Fuel control light and defiency protection
Automatic burner cut-out, fuel pump does not run dry
Water defiency cut-out

Burner is automatically switched off when water supply is low, protection against overheating

Accessories: Servopress
Convenient pressure and water amount adjustment on the trigger gun

Miscellanous: Sturdy tube frame chassis, powder coated, 2 big air filled wheels, 1 castor with built-in brake, 2 ergonomic handles
Overall protection to avoid damage, easy to load with a crane or forklift, corrosion resistant

Technical data
Pressure (bar/MPa)
40 - 210 / 4 - 21
Water flow rate (l/h)
450 - 900
Max. temperature (°C)
max. 98 - max. 80
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h)
Engine type 
GX 390/petrol
Engine manufacturer 
Engine performance, net. 
Engine performance, gross (hp)
9.75 / 13
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
1130 x 750 x 855
Standard accessories
Trigger gun, : Easy Press
Trigger gun with soft grip
High-pressure hose, 15 m
Spray lance, 1050 mm
Triple nozzle (0°/25°/40°), Power nozzle
Cage frame
Anti-twist system (AVS)
Electric starter
Power nozzle
Sturdy tubular steel frame for handling with crane