Polivac 60cm Gas Powered High Speed Burnisher

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All-Australian-designed and built straight-line gas burnisher. It is over 2400sq. metres per hour coverage. It has high productivity unit where speed is critical. Contour following system for consistently even floor finish.  

It has 11.25kw (15hp) Honda or 12.68kw (17hp) Kawasaki motor. A 14.17kw (19hp) Kawasaki V-Twin is also available. It has Belt drive. It is Key electric start. It has fully adjustable handle and throttle control. It has Bias control. It has 60cm (24") pass width, pad speed of 2500rpm, vacuum of single stage, active centrifugal with metal impeller, battery of 12 volt, 20 amp hour, gel, sealed, noise - 89db. Finish - industrial enamel and powder-coated. Weight - 110kg. Gas bottle - 9kg optional. Parts available all over Australia. 120 Distributors. Warranty - 1 year on motor and parts.

Motors available in 11.25kw (15hp) Honda and 12.68kw (17hp) Kawasaki motor.

Note: 9kg Gas bottle NOT included


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