Mediflow White - Intelligent Sensor Operated Hand Dryer

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Mediflow® White hand dryer sensory operated is characterised by its power and ruggedness. Automatically operated compact solutions, which thanks to its two product options, are better suited for any type of washroom environment.

It is proven long lasting and completely reliable. The quietest dryer in its class.

Technical data for all models:

All Mediclinics Mediflow models use the same components, the differences being casing material and finish.


12 years: 6 years labour / 12 years parts (terms apply)


  • Cover fixed to the base by means of 2 vandal-proof lock screws and lock with special Mediflow® wrench.
  • Fire resistant plastic UL 94-V0 base and fan scroll, with 4 Ø 8 mm holes for wall mounting.
  • Fire resistant plastic UL 94-VO fan scroll.
  • Universal brush motor, 4500 rpm, F class, incorporates a self-resetting safety thermal cut-off at 120 ºC.
  • Aluminium centrifugal double symmetrical inlet fan wheel.
  • Fe, Al & Cr taped wire heating element mounted on a mica frame that incorporates a self-resetting safety thermal cut-off at 110 ºC. Automatic disconnection 1/2 second before motor stops.
  • Logic Dry technology: Automatic regulation of air temperature based on ambient temperature.
  • Selective detection of fixed targets and automatic disconnection after 120 seconds of continuous use.
  • Fully adjustable (5 - 20 cm) IR electronic detection sensor. Adjustment is by means of a potentiometer.
  • Sensors come with a polycarbonate viewing window.
  • Four silent blocks to eliminate vibrations.


Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electrical isolation Class II
Dimensions (W x H x D, in mm) 272x 320x 164 mm (M02A)
272x 325x 164 mm (M02AC, ACS)
Weight 4.85 kg (M02A)
4.25 kg (M02AC, ACS)
Effective airflow 450 m³/h (7.500 l/min)
Nominal airflow 540 m³/h (9000 l/min)
Air velocity 95 km/h
Total power 250- 2750 W
Motor power 250 W
Heating element power 0- 2500 W
Consumption 1.1 – 12 A
RPM 4500
Air temperature (10 cm distance / 21 ºC) 49 ºC
Drying time* 29 sec
Noise level (at 2 m) 65 dB
Protection level IP23
Finishes: White / Bright SS / Brushed SS

*Note: Drying time may vary with ambient conditions