Enviro Safe Fly Catching System

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Features & Benefits. The Envirosafe Fly trap and attractant is the result of years of extensive research to determine the most cost effective and easy to use method of catching flies.

The resulting design sets a new standard in fly catching, representing the best value for money products offered on the market today.

Why Catch Flies

Flies are unsanitary, pests, and a proven carrier of major diseases. Eliminating one female fly can reduce fly populations in the area by up to 500 flies per year

About The EnviroSafe System

Different fly species , i.e house flies, blow flies, are attracted to different items. House flies like dairy / poultry animal waste and garbage. Blow flies are attracted only to decaying meat. Most attractants will catch one or the other. EnviroSafe attractant will catch house flies, blow flies and a broad range of other species this makes it a unique attractant.

Additional Fly Facts

Flies remain dormant until their body temperature reaches approximately 18 C and only begin to search for food when the temperature is above 20 C. Flies search low - traps are most effective when they are placed 45cm or less from ground level Flies like heat , light low wind - place trap where they can receive the most sunlight Even trapped flies will lay eggs, larvae will not survive in water. It is important to add water above level of trapped flies to kill larvae Flies can be attracted from a distance of approximately 20 meters from the trap

Fly Trapping System Facts

REVOLUTIONARY - Not just a little better

ECONOMICAL - Engineered for low cost / Disposable or reusable

EFFECTIVE - Out catches other systems tested several fold - guaranteed results

SCIENTIFIC -  Exclusive patent pending bait and trap

SAFE - Attractant is a non-toxic product made from food grade ingredients - Pesticide free

EASY TO USE - just add water

MULTI SPECIES - Catches broad range of fly species including house, bush and blow flies (excluding fruit fly).