Earthsmart Window and Glass Cleaner

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Earthsmart Window and Glass Cleaner is a readily biodegradable, non hazardous, streak free window and glass cleaner that removes dirt and soils from windows, glass, computer monitors and white boards.

Key benefits of Earthsmart Window and Glass Cleaner:- Readily Biodegradable- Non-Toxic- Non-hazardous- Impressive finish results- Chlorine-free- Phosphate free

Directions for use
Window & Glass Cleaner:
Dilute 500ml/Litre for general use, fill EarthSmart  Window & Glass  Cleaner into the 500mL Refill-Reuse bottle. Use neat for heavy soiling.  For larger surface areas apply using a squeegee and a bucket.

Refill... Reuse... Recycle...  By using the Refill-Reuse bottles you are minimising waste and the resources consumed for the product’s entire lifecycle. All bottles in the EarthSmart® range can also be recycled.