Earthsmart Multipurpose Detergent

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EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent is a readily biodegradable, non-hazardous dilutable detergent for use on floors, walls, bench tops, counter tops, sinks and other surfaces.

EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent has been independently tested and passes the Australian Standard for readily biodegradability AS4351.2 as a whole concentrated product.

Available in 1.2L and 5L.

All products in this range are Scientifically Proven EarthSmart in their applications. Careful consideration has been given to all aspects of the product lifecycle to ensure that these products are environmentally preferable. 100% recyclable containers, packaging and marketing materials have been used.

To further minimise consumption and the ecological footprint, EarthSmart environmental cleaning products have been designed to utilise 500mL Refill-Reuse bottles. Unlike retail products, the reuse of these application bottles reduces waste and resources consumed for the product’s entire lifecycle. Naturally, these bottles are recyclable should they need to be disposed.

Click here for Earthsmart Multipurpose Detergent MSDS.