Solitare Floor sealer - Indoor and Outdoor - 5 and 15L Research Products

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Our best seller for polished concrete and stone. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

 Water based one step, super tough sealer that provides protection on all types of concrete, stone, terrazzo, glazed and unglazed tiles and pavers. Tough, glossy, chemical resistant. Low VOC content

Available in 5L and 15L.

SOLITAIRE is a new one step, super tough, water based sealer that provides maximum protection on all types of concrete, stone, terrazzo, glazed and unglazed tiles and pavers. Being U.V. stabilised, it is suitable for areas that are exposed to the elements such as entry foyers and decks, as well as factory and warehouse floors, although it may cloud in wet conditions. Its non yellowing film is tough, glossy and chemical resistant. More importantly, it dries and cures quickly to enable fast re-use.

The formulation offers a simple to use, non toxic, odour free application which is ideal for food processing areas where solvent based sealers cannot be used.

Performance data

The following characteristics of SOLITAIRE were determined in our laboratories and limited exterior exposure studies.

Resistance to water blushing

SOLITAIRE displayed excellent resistance towards water blushing in comparison to the leading commercial acrylic and styrene/acrylic emulsions. Not only did the clear films of SOLITAIRE show a minimal amount of film blushing under both ambient (25°C) and elevated (45°C) water soak temperatures, but they also completely recover to visually clear films when the water is removed.

Low Water pick-up

SOLITAIRE also has excellent resistance properties, showing low clear film water pick-up (low water swelling).

Block resistance/Low Coalescent demand

SOLITAIRE gives a higher level of block resistance while the V.O.C. level is very low.

Exterior Weatherability

Based on our current exposure data, SOLITAIRE has excellent exterior weatherability resistance.

Reduced water vapour permeability

SOLITAIRE helps protect the substrate from moisture due to the low water vapour permeability of SOLITAIRE. This is important in preventing efflorescence.

Click here to download the Solitaire Material Safety Data Sheet