Sun Dishwasher Powder - Sunshine Lemon 3kg

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100 Performance Washes Without The Tablet Price

Performance Boosted
Non-caustic formula
Easy to dispense pack

Advanced 4 way cleaning

1. Spotless glass cleaning  
- Use Sun Dishwasher powder to get your dishes & glasses Sparkling clean
2. Performance Boosted
- Protein digester helps remove baked-on foods such as lasagna, meat, egg & cheese
- Starch digester helps remove baked on foods such as potato, rice & dried on cereal
- Oxygen bleach system helps to remove stains, makes your wash hygienically clean

3. Keeps your Machine Cleaner
- Formulated to reduce lime scale & grease build up in your dishwasher

4. Deodorising Action
- Formulated to mask malodors in your dishwasher & has a fresh lemon scent