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Our best performing, hot or cold wash laundry powder with extra brightening power. Very good product. Laundry detergent for laundrette, on-premise and household laundries.


- One-shot built detergent.
- Cost efficient.
- Lemon fresh fragrance.
- Cleans at both lower and higher temperatures.
- Consistent top quality for over 10 years.
- Excellent results on poly cotton

Available in 12kg.

Product Information

BLUE PRIDE is a complete, one-shot built detergent developed specifically for coin-op laundry operations for either service wash or dispenser use. On-premise laundries in Clubs, Hotels and Private Hospitals, find it an economical detergent for all but the heaviest greasy loads, where Glyda is recommended.

BLUE PRIDE has all the detergency functions necessary for consistent reliable soil removal from cotton, polyester blend or pure synthetic fabric in either hot or cold water.


BLUE PRIDE has a crisp, dry, non dusty blue appearance and is ideal for service wash and dispenser use.

Types of machines

One of the big benefits of BLUE PRIDE is that it may be used in either top or front loading machines. It’s fast breaking foam does not reduce the cleaning performance in front loaders.


Top Loading Machinery - 1/4 to 1/3 Cup BLUE PRIDE per Laundrette or Domestic wash, including greasy overalls. 1 Cup for heavily soiled loads or hard water areas.

Front Load and Semi Commercial
1 to 1 1/2 Cups per 15Kg Dry Load

Packaging 25Kg poly bags