Caddy Clean® CLASSIC

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CaddyClean® is designed with the user in mind, simple to handle and economical. The extremely low weight 2,3 kilos (4,9 lbs) and practical design makes it ideal for cleaning in areas where manual methods presently are used. CaddyClean® has an ”ergonomically” designed handle with many features such as adjustable variable shaft length and angle. The heavy duty battery lasts up to 2-3 hours. The brushes are designed for hard to reach areas, corners and niches. CaddyClean® has a snap on attachment grip for the scrubber head, for easy replacement.

Caddy Clean Classic comes complete with tank of 1.7 L.

Battery time 2-3 hours depending on use.

You can easily transform your Caddy Clean Classic into a Caddy Clean Handy with a simple hand manipulation.


This package contains:
CaddyClean basic unit
Tank complete
Handle for handunit
Battery NiHM
Adapter UK, EU or US
Battery case
Shoulder bag
Wall mount
White brush 2 -pcs
Tynex brush 2-pcs
Padholder 2-pcs
Kit of 10 abrasive pads, Mixed pack
Battery holder
Retail packing

Technical Specifications
Scrubbing area
210 mm
Min clearance
95 mm
Weight scrubbing head
0,9 kg
Weight incl. wand
approx. 1,7 kg
Adjustable length
915 - 1270 mm
12 volt DC
400 rpm
Gearbox with ballbearings