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Time release disinfectant, cleaner and deodorant with 48-hour residual aroma. The first non-cloying 48hr residual deodoriser cleaner.

Superb, soft, powdery, lingering aroma, contains quaternary antimicrobial.

Available in 5L and 15L.


The need for disinfectants in day to day cleaning and maintenance has really just about finished. World-wide findings by hospital bacteriologists, public health researchers and even microbiologists have all come to the one conclusion. Good cleaning products, using a double bucket system and a good quality detergent does a better job than a disinfectant at removing soil and just as good a job at reducing bacteria counts. Why, a good detergent washes away the surface soil that harbors and perhaps even provides the food source for bacteria to live and grow.

Because “disinfectants” as we know them (the household and commercial grades), basically are designed to provide a nice smell, they are in most cases very poor cleaners, removing no more than surface dust and light deposits of soil.

If you purchase a hospital grade disinfectant all the cost in the product is directed towards the “quat” actives with usually no aroma chemicals added. These products usually have poor cleaning power as well.

The consumer myth

Unfortunately, television advertising has changed the perception people have about “disinfectants”. Every day we see a new product “anti-bacterial dishwash liquid”. Bathroom cleaner with “disinfectant”. Everything it seems must have a disinfectant in it before it sells.

Unfortunately, people who tell the truth and tell the consumer that you don’t need a disinfectant don’t get the order. They are just not believable because television has changed the perception of the truth.