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This fantastic new product restores gloss to tired, worn floors. Suitable for all sealed floors. Sudden Impact extends recoating cycles. Ideal for colder months when resealing is not advisable.

Floor Restorer – Spray buff


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SUDDEN IMPACT is not just a spray buff, but a fully formulated floor finish/restorer that can be used by spray buffing or by mopping and autoscrubbing. The unique co-polymer structure is thermally activated by buffing so that one pass of a buffing machine repairs scratching and restores gloss to a mirror-like finish that resists black heel marks and scuffing. SUDDEN IMPACT reduces sealer recoat frequency when used on a regular basis.

Directions For Use

Mopping and Autoscrubbing

Dilute as per label. Apply by mop or autoscrubber. Allow to dry, then buff with a Jackaroo Lite pad or equivalent for high to ultra high shine, or use a tan pad for low speed, up to 500 rpm.

Spray Buffing

Pre clean floor with NEUTRACLEAN or SUPASTAR, as per directions. Dilute SUDDEN IMPACT at 1 part SUDDEN IMPACT to 5 parts water. Lightly mist over floor directly in the path of the buffer.

Dilution Rates

Spray Buff: 1 part SUDDEN IMPACT to 4 parts water.
Maintenance Cleaning:
Light Soilage 1 part SUDDEN IMPACT to 75 parts water.
Medium Soilage 1 part SUDDEN IMPACT to 50 parts water.
Heavy Soilage 1 part SUDDEN IMPACT to 25 parts water.