Dry Fusion Activator 5L Carpet Cleaning Detergent

Dry Fusion
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Cleaner stain blocker dryer part of the latest system of dry cleaning and preserving the new appearance of carpet.

What is it for?

Dry Fusion ACTIVATOR has been carefully developed as the key building block of a totally new concept of Dry Carpet Cleaning.

The Dry Fusion System uses an innovative and patented rotary cleaning machine that heats both the cleaning pad and Activator solution to provide an amazing cleaning and stain removal action. When this is combined with odour neutralization and Fluoro-resin stain, soil and dust repellent activity the breakthrough in performance is remarkable.

Carpet protection and stain blocking - How they work

Our research into the area of Fluoro surfactants Fluoro stain protectors and blocking resins has enabled us to produce a cleaning system that removes far more stains than other dry or wet methods - as well as to dramatically increase overall cleaning performance.

DRY FUSION ACTIVATOR contains two actives to help prevent wet and dry soil and stain pickup.

FLUOROCARBON RESIN: This forms an invisible shield over every fibre DURING THE CLEANING PROCESS. It helps prevent dry grit, dust and wet as well as wet spills from lodging within the carpet fibres. Even mud and greasy spills have difficulty seeping in.

Because less soil clings to the carpet that has been DRY FUSION cleaned, vacuuming, especially with an upright vac removes more soil, pushing the vacuum cleaner is even easier.

Carpets will stay cleaner and brighter looking, because frequent vacuuming removes more soil. Re-soiling and fast "greying off” just doesn't happen when the DRY FUSION method is used.

BLOCKING STAINS: This unique additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow coloured food spills and beverages from becoming ugly stains. Carpets cleaned with DRY FUSION allow time to wet a white towel with warm water and wipe away a spill before it has time to soak in. Certain food dyes in pet food, some Indian/Asian food and some soft drinks cannot be protected.

With the ability to produce more constant heat contact with the carpet than any other cleaning system, plus produce the "shot of steam" for heavy greasy or stained areas, strong solvents or alkaline cleaning agents are not required.

Greasy stains, most food and drink spills like coffee come off easily. The pH of ACTIVATOR is totally safe and a neutral (ph7) is left in the carpet. WoolSafe approved is your guarantee of safety even on wool Oriental and Persian rugs.

Systems Approach

In simple terms the Dry Fusion System has taken the best advantages of Hot water extraction cleaning (hot solution, "shot of steam”) and improves it further by making it continuously hot. It takes the best features of dry cleaning, (low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combines them together.

By removing the worst features of steam cleaning (wet results, too long to dry) and the worst features of current dry cleaning methods (not clean enough, fast re-soiling) the Dry Fusion System gives you a system with no negatives. AS our logo states, it's No. 1 for customer satisfaction.

Focussed customer needs

The reason that Dry Fusion was developed was due to consumer research showing that recipients of carpet cleaning services in industrial, commercial, institutional and domestic markets had shown a poor level of acceptance of extraction methods due to slow drying and poor results.

Our blueprint was to develop a super quiet and a super dry system that allowed carpets to be cleaned in offices and factories and shops whilst people were still at work; the system alleviating the need for costly after hours security, air conditioning and power.

Benefits in appearance retention and soft carpet feel

Because of the unique functionality of the Activator solution, treated carpets stay cleaner longer, the stain blocker helps prevent spills from becoming ugly stains. Dry Fusion cleaned carpet keeps it “just cleaned” look longer, especially if vacuumed regularly (daily in commercial with an upright vacuum, twice weekly in the home). Heat bonded Fluoro-resin gives "hard" commercial carpet a soft feel to hand and a soft natural sheen.