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Designed for the latest changes that have been made in carpet fibres and construction.



Designed for the latest changes that have been made in carpet fibres and construction.

The Trend to shorter pile

There has been a major change in carpet construction over the last five years Commercial and domestic carpet has become shorter and more densely constructed using new generation fibres that in many cases have been stain treated to repel soil and maintain appearance.

Carpet tiles have gained popularity and have gained popularity and have placed new pressures on carpet cleaners to gain the best results.

Conventional Pile Height

[Illustration 1.1]
Conventional Long pile tufted carpet allowed greater airflow when vacuuming and hot water extraction cleaning.

New Shorter Pile Height

[Illustration 1.2]
Shorter pile, densely packed fibres stop airflow when hot water extraction is used. Leaves carpet wetter with more soilage and detergent left behind.

Carpet Tiles

Too much water and aggressive cleaning products cause problems on carpet tiles. Water staining on tile edges from wick-back, detergent residues cause traffic lane yellowing that is difficult to remove with extraction cleaning. Some solvent containing extraction presprays actually dissolve the binder holding the fibres and cause 'black stain' and delamination.

New Generation Fibres

New style carpets using new generation fibres are extremely sensitive to sticky detergent residues. These detergents create a problem, particularly on Olefin (polypropylene) fibres because the residue attract oily and walked-in soil.

Stain treated nylon is particularly sensitive to high pH cleaners which degrade the life of the coating.

Dry Fusion Solves all these Problems

Because the Dry Fusion process is pH neutral (pH 7.2) and doesn't rely on a high pH or wetting of the carpet by water flushing, none of these new fibres cause a problem. By utilizing the constant heat from the rotary cleaning pad we deep clean the carpet, removing the deep set stains at the same time. A FLUORO based stain protector and blocking resin is fused on to every fibre as it is heat dried - the same as the carpet mill. Dust, dirt and grime find it very difficult to stick to a Dry Fusion cleaned carpet.

What about Conventional Carpets?

Axminsters and Wiltons are very sensitive to water - that's a fact. Because these carpets don't have stabilised backing they shrink easily if over - wet. Joints are also susceptible to splitting.

Dry Fusion's low moisture cleaning provides the ultimate method of removing soil safely. All are cleaned, deodorised, stain protected and heat dried before you leave the job. Wool is such a porous fibre Dry Fusion stain protection is really needed. It works brilliantly in pubs and clubs!

Tufted carpets are most predominant and provide the ultimate test for the Dry Fusion process. Whether commercial or domestic, whatever the fibre, Dry Fusion provides the safest, longest lasting clean. With no wick-back of stains you can guarantee a brightness, cleanness and softness not available in any other process.

Customers Want Dryer Carpet

It is a fact that people just don't want to walk on 'squishy' carpets or to leave the house to wait for the carpets to dry. They want it dry to walk on immediately and that's what Dry Fusion gives them. It's bone dry in under half an hour! Because it is a whisper quiet system, hospitals, commercial buildings can all be cleaned during business hours. It's a brilliant concept. Isn't it?

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer

Two unique mechanisms work to keep Dry Fusion cleaned carpet stain free*, to maintain that just cleaned look, longer. A FLUROCARBON RESIN places an invisible protective shield over every fibre during the cleaning process. It helps prevent dry grit, dust as well as spills lodging within the carpet. Even walked in mud and oily spills have difficulty seeping in. Because the fibre is effectively 'non-stick' when you Dry Fusion clean, vacuuming removes more soil, plus the vacuum cleaner is easier to push.

BLOCKING STAINS - This unique additive helps block dye sites in the fibre that normally allow food spills and beverages becoming ugly stains. When re-cleaned with Dry Fusion - using the 'shot of steam' most stains are removed without spotting or special effort. Both you and your customers will be amazed.

No Negatives, All Positives

By taking all the best features of hot water extraction (hot solution, 'Shot of steam'), the best features of Dry Cleaning (low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combining them together with a patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned - you have the most outstanding results ever seen.

Here's How it Works

Prespray the carpet with Activator solution. Presoak the specially constructed carpet pads in the same hot solution in the Dry Fusion press wringer bucket. Press pad until almost dry and place it on the heaviest soiled area. Drop the machine on the pad and start cleaning in an east to west motion. It's easy.

Heats Pads to 85ºc

Using super heated air, the rotary drive plate heats the pad to a thermostat controlled 85ºc. It's this constant heat that does all the cleaning to lift the soil and grime into the pads. You keep changing the clean pads as you work, the dirtier the carpet, the sooner you change and turn the pad.

Unique 'Shot of Steam'

Why greasy soils are so difficult to remove from carpets is because normal cleaning is not hot enough. By pulling a lever on the handle, you unleash the instant cleaning energy of steam heat into the carpet pad for the extra burst needed to dislodge stains and embedded soil.

Because it is patented, Dry Fusion is the only system in the world that can clean carpets this way.

No Noise

Most carpet cleaning systems are noisy. Dry Fusion is so quiet you can clean buildings during office hours. No more overtime needed.

Easy to Use, No 'Steam Cleaners Elbow'

Nobody knows how painful an elbow can be after you have extraction cleaned carpets for years. Experienced carpet cleaners are swinging to Dry Fusion for the fact that you don't get tired using it and you can clean more each day, hour after hour because the machine does the work, not your elbow.

Marketing the Stain Blocking System

By providing all the extras of deodorising, stain removal, protection and stain blocking, plus providing the best clean and dry carpet, you can position Dry Fusion at the premium end of the market, or you can have the option of the middle market price if you want.

Because productivity is superior to any other system for the price it cost you, nobody can compete against you on a cost versus performance basis. The bigger the cleaning job, the bigger the time saving and profit.

All fibre safety

Extraction and other rotary dry cleaning methods use high pH presprays to remove some oily stains and protein stains. Sometimes this is followed by an acid rinse to neutralise. Most carpet mills, especially using wool or stain treated nylon reject any exposure to prespray of pH 10 to 12, even if only on the carpet for 5 minutes. Damage can take place in this critical exposure stage. Dry Fusion uses novel technology that removes the heaviest soils from the fibre at pH 7.2. A neutral pH is approved by all carpet fibre manufacturers' abs carpet mills.

Activator - The Chemical

Our research into the area of fluoro surfactants, fluoro stain protectors and polymer stain blocking resins has enabled us to give you a system that removes more stains than any other dry or wet method as well as to increase stain and dirt repellancy.

Environmentally Aware

All emulsifiers and greasy soil solubisers are highly biodegradable and degrade rapidly to meet Australian and O.E.C.D standards.

The natural orange and vanilla extracts used as odour neutralisers have been selected for their non-irritant qualities for those with sensitive noses and bronchial problems.

For healthcare, sporting facilities, day care and at home you apply Bactoshield in the same manner as Activator, except that is has a more powerful cleaning action to deal with they type of stains found in healthcare and child care centres. Oily liniments, medicines, crayons and make-up; even traffic lane yellowing on carpet tiles and olefin fibre is removed more easily with Bactoshield.

Places a 'Triclosan' Shield on Each Fibre

Imagine as you clean, a water-proof, antimicrobial finish is being permanently bonded and locked in place by the fluorocarbon stain protective coating. Previously, the only long term treatment for carpets was when an antimicrobial was added to the fibre during manufacture. There is no proven product on the market that can provide cleaning and be equal in antimicrobial effectiveness.

Urine and Body Odours

Healthcare and sporting facilities are notorious for resistant odours like urine, vomit and body odour. Bactoshield removes ammonia and even pet smells. It is works in the commercial sector, imagine how good it is in the home.

Bactoshield is Safe

Triclosan has been used in toothpaste and medical products for years and is non-toxic. It helps prevent the growth of moulds, fungi and tinea as well as the problem bacterial like E-Coli and Staph Aureas. Bactoshield prevents the growth of hundreds of hundreds of bacterial strains. Bactoshield provides the risk management that your customers need for public liability.

* Stain Free
Certain food colours used in Indian and Asian foods and soft drink, actually dye the carpet and cannot be removed with Dry Fusion Activator.