Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 Pedestrian Scrubber

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Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 is a large walk-behind scrubber dryer with interchangeable brush decks and AccuTrack. The SCRUBTEC 866 scrubber/dryers from Nilfisk-ALTO represents a significant step forward in cleaning equipment efficiency.

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 Pedestrian Scrubber features:
ransaxle drive motor
Battery compartment drain
On-board charger
Automatic brush shut off
Automatic solution shut off
Thermal breakers
Solution filter
Adjustable brush pressure
Bristle brush skirt
Disc brush version
Recovery emptying hoses
Removable recovery lid
Solution emptying hoses
Electronic float switch
Finger touch control panel
Key switch
Variable speed control
Battery level indicator
Solution level indicator
Oil resistant wheels
Blades can be used on 4 edges
Debris tray

Each of the models in the range feature the latest technologies developed through our years of experience.

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 866 Pedestrian Scrubber is truly the state-of-the-art in scrubber/dryer efficiency. Gimbals-mounted brushes provide adjustable pressure to ensure effective cleaning, even on heavily soiled surfaces; the parabolic AccuTrackTM squeegee leaves the floor dry and ready for re-use; the brush decks are interchangeable; the one-touch controls reduce operator error and improve cleaning results; the ergonomics are such that operator fatigue are minimized -the list goes on!


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The superb performance of the SCRUBTEC 8 machines brings a new dimension to large area floor cleaning. When scrubbing and drying is this efficient, costs are optimised and the benefits become obvious. Reliable and easy to use, this latest innovation from Nilfisk-ALTO provides added value to professional cleaning.

Excellent ergonomic design easy to understand control panel with “One Touch” Scrub Control
Extremely quiet operation thanks to the Acoustically engineered vacuum motor containment
Large 85 litre solution and recovery tanks provides longer run time between dump and fills.
Patented electronic pulse solution delivery system delivers precise and consistent solution without use of mechanical valves
Rear solution fill allows filling when the machine is back into the deep sink for emptying the recovery
Grey, foam filled wheels leave no marks on the floor. Smoother, quieter and no slipping

Incl. Accessories
Squeegee assembly for 866
Squeegee blade kit for

Click here for Alto Scrubtec 8 Pedestrian Scrubber Spares.

Product no 05390EPA
Weight (kg) 385
Max speed (km/h) 6
Length x width x height (mm) 1550x710x1120
Brush speed (RPM) 200
Solution/recovery tank (l) 85/85
Volt/frequency (V/Hz) 24/-
Brush pressure (kg) 36-68
Scrubbing width (mm) 660
Min. turn-around aisle width (cm) 170
Productivity theoretical/ actual (m²/h) 3170/1905
Cylindrical brush length (mm)
Brush/pad diameter (mm) 330
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 65
Power source 24V Battery
Water flow (l/m) 0-3.8
Working speed (km/h) 4.8
Squeegee width (mm) 810
Vacuum motor power (W) 550
Traction motor power (W) 330
Vacuum motor type - Tangential x
Traction motor type - Transaxle x
Brush motor (W) 2 x 560
Gross weight (gvw) (kg) 385
Disc brush version Yes
Automatic brush shut off Yes
Automatic solution shut off Yes
Key switch Yes
Recovery emptying hoses Yes
Solution emptying hoses Yes
Solution level indicator Yes
Battery compartment drain Yes
Bristle brush skirt Yes
Adjustable brush pressure Yes
Thermal breakers Yes
Solution filter Yes
Blades can be used on 4 edges Yes
Electronic float switch Yes
Battery level indicator Yes
Transaxle drive motor Yes
Finger touch control panel Yes
Variable speed control Yes
On-board charger Yes
Removable recovery lid Yes
Oil resistant wheels Yes
Debris tray Yes
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