Comac Flexy 85B

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Suitable for the maintenance and in-depth cleaning of medium and large articulated area surfaces up to 3,500 sqm.

The Flexy 85B and machines are available with disc brushes covering a 85cm work-track.

Flexy 85B is an extremely compact and maneuverable ride-on scrubbing machine that is perfectly suitable for non-professional personnel. The machine has a large capacity solution tank and excellent runtime of up to 4 or 5 hours on average.


The tanks - fully made of high-density polyethylene - are shock and corrosion resistant.

The oversize, wound-field traction motors ensure excellent performance and long durability with low consumption, thanks to the 36-Volt system.

The step-through design of the driver's seat ensures all-round visibility and maximum safety.

Flexy 85B has headlights and taillights, horn and reverse beeper in order to operate in complete safety and most efficiently in any environment.

The Flexy scrubbing machine has a new low-noise suction system which has been specially designed by Comac.

The suction motor is enclosed inside a double-insulated chamber.
This allows a drastic noise reduction and the operator can work with greater acoustic comfort especially in noise-sensitive environments (nursing homes, hospitals, etc.) 

Brush pressure is regulated by the control on the instrument panel from 50 to 100 kg to deal with maintenance or deep-down dirt. 

Thanks to a system developed by Comac, the squeegee can be rotated by the operator till reaching the horizontal position. This ensures a perfect cleaning of the squeegee rubbers and an excellent constant drying.

The standard front driving wheel is slip-proof and leaves no traces, so work can even be carried out on a wet floor, with no risks. The smooth steering and the tight steering radius make driving easy in narrow spaces such as gangways, corridors and production lines.

Technical Specifications
Work capacity up to sq.m./h
Autonomy up to (h)
Working width (cm)
No. of brushes (Ø cm)
2 (44)
Width with squeegee (cm)
Solution tank (L)
Noise level dB (A)
Power supply
Battery (36V)