Comac Vispa 35E

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Vispa 35 is the only small-sized scrubbing machine which can very easily clean up in corners and along walls. Particularly suitable for cleaning floors in cluttered areas where manual systems are still being used.

Perfect to replace manual cleaning systems in small and congested areas. Ideal for maintenance cleaning operations.


The operator can perform the cleaning operations easily, without effort or stress.

Vispa 35 is supplied complete with pad holder.

Increases operator productivity by 30% compared with manual cleaning systems.  Maximum hygiene.

Dirt is collected in the recovery tank which is easily removed from its seat in order to be easily emptied.  The only scrubbing machine that washes and dries perfectly even on bends without having to follow a right path.

Thanks to the combined action of the suction motor and the squeegee swinging around the brush, perfect drying is ensured also on bends.

Technical Specifications
Work capacity up to sq.m./h
Autonomy up to (h)
Working width (cm)
Width with squeegee (cm)
Solution tank (L)
Noise level dB (A)
Power supply
With cable