Cleaners Supermarket® Thick Bathroom Cleaner

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Thick Chlorinated Bathroom Cleaner for sinks, showers, tiles and baths. It's thick formula acts quickly to remove mould and mildew, soap scum and body fats.

Use undiluted to kill germs, remove mould, stains, smells and Bathroom Soap Scum. Apply to desired area, spread evenly. leave for 10 mins and rinse well.Use for shower recesses, tiles, toilets, drains and rubbish bins. Use 20 - 40 ml in a 10 Litre bucket of warm to hot water for maintaining bathroom surfaces, floors, driveways and paths with mould or mildew. 
Do not use on painted or marble surfaces.

A highly alkaline chlorinated cleaner with added foam booster designed to clean and sanitise floors and bench tops in kitchens, food preparation areas, bathrooms and toilets. The high level of chlorine present is excellent for sanitising and bleaching out stains. Has added foam booster can be used via mop and bucket or through a foaming system.