Taski OptiMop 30

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Taski OptiMop 35 is the fast and easy mopping system for sites in which surfaces must be cleaned without interrupting area use or where optimal efficiency is necessary, the TASKI opti mop system is the solution.

Its robust and ergonomical design ensures years of excellent cleaning results. Opt for the Taski opti mop! This system gives you four major benefits: Excellent cleaning results. No interruption of area use/traffic. Safety: no wet floors. Time savings: faster wringing, cleaning, and drying. This compact, double-bucket system is perfect for cleaning larger and uncongested surface areas.
With two working widths and three different types of cloths, the TASKI opti mop can handle any situation. Superior efficiency Conventional mopping systems remove only approx. 70% of the soiled solution from the floor. With its rubber blade, the TASKI opti mop removes up to 90%. This means cleaner, drier, slip - resistant floors without interruping traffic/area use. 

Even heavy traffic areas are immediately open to traffic. The TASKI opti mop 45 features a blue and a red bucket to distinguish between clean and soiled water to guarantee optimal hygiene and high surface performance. T

TASKI opti mop cloths are all highly absorbent and durable. All the cloths can be washed at 95°C to ensure a high hygiene level. Standard cloth: Ideal on smooth surfaces like PVC, stone and linoleum. Fringe cloth:To clean structured, clinker or studded surfaces. The soft cotton loops clean deep into cavities and irregularities. Microfibre cloth: For excellent cleaning results on smooth surfaces. Microfibres for very high cleaning efficiency and effectiveness, and reduced cleaning product consumption

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