Ultra Orange D'Limonene Spotter - Citrus Based Solvent Spotter

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Low residue, low odour, high purity electronics grade D-Limonene replacement for III, Trichloroethane.

A highly refined evaporative orange solvent used to remove grease, ink, paint, grime and finger prints from non-porous surfaces, circuit boards, electric motors and ultrasonic baths. Where ultra fast drying is required with no residue, we recommend dilution with up to 25% (by volume) using ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL or METHANOL 100%.

Available in 5L and 20L.

Product Background

ULTRA ORANGE is a volatile solvent derived from peel oils of CITRUS fruit by a unique Australian process called Spinning Cone Column Technology, developed by the C.S.I.R.O.

Citrus oils are recovered throughout the world during the processing of fruit to make juice for bottling as fresh or as a concentrate for exporting. D-limonene produced overseas in countries such as Brazil contains much higher levels of impurities such as Alpha Pinene, Sabinene an Octanal with up to 2% Myrcene. These impurities can be detected by the faint aromas of caraway seed, orange and liquorice and are left over due to non selective distillation processing.

Our unique S.C.C. recovery system removes a higher proportion of these impurities because of the “selective band” gas phase, low temperature extraction methods. The higher purity of the D-limonene produced by this method gives four distinct advantages over the imported D-limonenes.

Lower residues on drying Lower electrical conductivity
Even lower levels of skin irritancy Low levels of odour

Why Replace III, Trichloroethane?

There are three major culprits in Ozone depletion that have been singled out by the world’s health authorities. Accordingly, the Montreal protocol was drawn up and Australia being a signatory to this protocol has agreed to phase out C.F.C.’s and Trichloroethane by November 1995 as has the USA, UK and CANADA.

Whilst there are no alternatives that have the same characteristics in evaporation rate, low flammability and high degreasing power CITRUS RESOURCES believe that Ultra Orange offers Australia’s greatest opportunity to replace both the high toxicity of the chlorinated solvents with a product that works only a little slower for most applications.

Many chemical companies are offering replacements that are based on Petroleum or are using fast evaporating low flash point solvents like Ethyl Acetate which are just as dangerous as the products they are trying to replace.

The Natural Alternative - Oranges

CITRUS RESOURCES have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars researching not only the toxicology of D-limonene, but they have also researched the applications and workplace safety aspects along with the most important aspects of D-limonene - how to make it work.

ULTRA ORANGE is the Result of that Research

Solvent Degreasing
Being a non conductive solvent, ULTRA ORANGE is designed to perform as an “in-place” cleaning agent for electric motors, generators and related electrical equipment such as thermostats, switches, timers and telephone switching equipment of the mechanical type. It evaporates slower than Trichloroethane of C.F.C. but will leave no residue.

General Solvent Clean Up
ULTRA ORANGE is a very effective touch up solvent for removing swarf, paint residues, grease, ink, carbon, soils and finger prints as well as wax films and tar spots from motor vehicles. In the automotive trade, it may be used as a circulating solvent cleaner or parts wipe, although our water soluble solvent ORANGE SOLV may be faster as it contains penetrants and emulsifiers and allows water rinsing. This may be another solution if water can be tolerated on the part you are cleaning.

Evaporative Wipe/Bath Solvent for Circuit Boards
May be used to replace highly flammable M.E.K, and Toluene as well as C.F.C. Trichloroethane evaporates slowly but completely. Low vapour toxicity. Less toxic than M.E.K. and Toluene Xylene. ULTRA ORANGE is non photo chemically reactive and will not affect common structural metals used in aircraft industry including alclad and copper alloys. No testing has been completed on cadmium or cadmium coated high strength steel.

A tank with moving blades under slow movement has been found to assist mechanical removal of soil with Ultrasonic Baths providing the best solution for instant removal of smut, oils, light carbon, solder flux and wax residues.

Critical Applications
Where ultra fast drying is required with no residue, we recommend dilution with up to 25% (by volume) using ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL or METHANOL 100%. No substitutes to these should be considered.

Adhesives & Varnish
ULTRA ORANGE is a fast solubilizing solvent for waxy and sticky residues like hot melt adhesive, rubber (latex based) carpet adhesives, self adhesive labels and printers’ ink. ULTRA ORANGE is amazing on chewing gum deposits on carpet or non porous surfaces.