Professional Carpet Spotting Kit

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The Professional Spotting Kit contains everything needed to remove virtually any spot from any carpet.

The kit also contains a handy guide with easy to follow instructions for the removal of 48 different spots from carpet and upholstery. It is easy to use and requires no special training.

This unique carpet cleaning kit is a must for professional carpet cleaners; contract cleaners; and in-house carpet cleaning staff of hotels, motels, office buildings, restaurants, stores, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, convention halls, or wherever carpet is needed! You got everything you need in one convenient carrying case. The convenient, chemical resistant, waterproof, high impact, kit includes all these necessary chemicals for efficient and effective, quick spot or stain removal:

Grease Release 500ml
Coffee Break 500ml
Sensation 500ml
Trusty 500ml
Browning Treatment 500ml
Soyclean Carpet Spotter 500ml
Unbelievable 750ml
Spray Bottle (Water)
Spotting Chart